View Full Version : it;s gone pc-dos 3.2

July 19th, 2012, 01:28 PM
way back at a time I thought I knew everything or too much.
I was asked to upgrade a pc at work from pc-dos 3.2 to ms-doc 3.30. ( a really good dos)
first the Hidden files in pc and ms were different.
I thought just "syssing" would fix things"
the result was a blank hard drive. what an ebarasment. all the company date was gone.
fortunately I had a boot floppy with ms dos 3.30 and xtree.
I was able to put the correct hidden files on the dreve along with the correct command.com and save the day.

But simply trying to switch from pc to ms was a disaster.
It may be Just pc 3.2.
Once I knew I had a bootable floppy that had the right Dos and a copy of xtree ( it could be done with arrtib )

I removed the three ( pc dos) system files and was able to replace then with the new ones. No matter that the other Dos files were wrong., they were not hidden and could easily be over written.
that was the minute my heat stood still.
So be cautions when " upgrading dos when you are going from pc to ms.
at one time people could purchase pc dos but ms dos was only sold with a new pc. later that changed.
That is probably why the old computers at work had pc-dos not ms-dos.