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July 24th, 2012, 07:45 AM
So I'm told this hard drive was removed from the laptop. It is an HP laptop with AMD Vision Processor and came with Windows 7. The corner of the screen says "G62"... I was thinking I'd just slip in a hard drive but it's not that easy.

There's no connectors where I can just slip in the hard drive to connect directly. So it's missing a bracket and a connector cable atleast. The hard drive would move around in the space for it so that's why I'm thinking it needs a bracket of some kind.

Wondering what I need/ how much it gonna cost? I'm no expert on laptops. Am I looking at more than a couple hundred at Best Buy? I have a code for Windows 7 on the bottom so where do I get that?

Here's the specs... HP G62 Review and Information

EDIT: This video show off what I'm looking at......
HP G62 HDD / MEMORY / WLAN / Keyboard Replacement - YouTube

July 24th, 2012, 09:32 AM
fleaBay is (sometimes) your friend. Go online and locate the service manual for the unit and find out what the part numbers are for the tray and cable. Then search (everywhere, though you're likely to get the parts for less off fleaBay.)

July 24th, 2012, 05:16 PM