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July 30th, 2012, 03:33 PM
In a former life I was the sysop of the Tesseract RCPM+ in Australia. When I started on my nostalgia trip a couple of years ago I found almost the entire collection archived online. The only stuff missing wasn't worth keeping anyway.

After almost 25 years the collection has been expanded with an emphasis on CP/M 3 which was the system I used then, and now. Three new volumes of the Tesseract collection have been released and the entire collection can be accessed from my web site, http://triton.vg

I am still working on more. It is fun.

One more thing. Anything that I write is distributed with source code. That means that others can fix bugs and make enhancements. It is a constant annoyance to me that so many useful programs were distributed in executable form only. Short of doing a disassembly, that really makes it hard for anyone to carry on the work. ZDE is a good example of a nice editor to which I would like to add buffer management so it could edit files larger than the TPA but I have never found the source code for that. Of course it is not the only instance.

July 30th, 2012, 05:44 PM
Thanks for putting up the link to this archive, and also for the thorough descriptive index on the site.

A lot of the software archives on the web suffer from lack of good versioning, so that a browser has difficulty knowing the difference between files of same/similar name. Walnut Creek CDROM is one of the biggest, but not easy to distinguish between files duplicates and versions, since many have no or useless descriptions attached. Some people on this forum made efforts to develop a more descriptive index available to web-searches, but version definition can still be hard to pin down.