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August 6th, 2012, 06:09 AM
Hello, as a lot of guys here known, I'm from Brazil. A bet that 80% of active users had read at least one of my posts that always say something like that : "Beautiful machine, too bad I'm too far, and shipping kills".

Well, actually, shipping to Brazil really kills. I always wanted to buy any IBM monitor, but only the shipping will be about 120USD, and we know that we can't expect a safe shipping, since the package will travel to a lot of places before coming to me. Actually I'm looking 3 beautiful parts, but they are too big/heavy to come with regular shipping.

I'm looking for any good hearted folk that are coming to my country, and could bring heavy parts to me.

I can help you in your trip down there, usually tourists spend MUCH more money than they really need, just because the lack of information. Here is a good example, my city (Belo Horizonte , Beautiful Horizon in english) is world famous for the lights of the city, and for the pubs, if you're going to be in a Hotel near the famous pubs (assuming that you're a pub lover) you're going to pay a lot, but with my advice you could stay in a good Hotel, just a few blocks from the pubs, but with a very good service, MUCH less noise, and with a good price.

And for the soccer lovers, the 2013 Confederation Cup is coming! There will be great games is my city.

Thanks for the attention!

Regards to all!


August 6th, 2012, 06:44 AM
I usually go once a year to visit the in-laws in sao paulo. I'll keep you in mind the next time, maybe I'll make a little side trip...

August 6th, 2012, 07:09 AM
I usually go once a year to visit the in-laws in sao paulo. I'll keep you in mind the next time, maybe I'll make a little side trip...

São Paulo isn't too far from my city, about 5 hours driving. The shipping from São Paulo to my city is also very cheap. Thanks for considering.

August 8th, 2012, 02:39 AM
Good idea, but doesn't overweight on an airplane cost at least three times as much as parcel shipping is? Besides, once you checked in your monitor - assuming the airline even accepts that kind of goods as checked in luggage - you don't know how airport staff will handle it. The infamous stories of how regular suitcases are bumped and shuffled around would be enough to make me wary about something large and delicate. Indeed package handling for cargo planes isn't perfect neither, but I think you're limited to relatively small items that can go as hand luggage. Since most flights will accept laptops etc brought onboard, I suppose nobody will stop plain but uncommon electronics from entering the plane.

Of course, meeting other fellow forum members is a completely different matter and it might be a nice idea to meet up with someone far away if itinerary details match all parties. Regarding big sports events, you also have the Football (soccer) World Cup in 2014 and of course the next summer Olympic games in Rio 2016.

August 8th, 2012, 03:47 AM
I have traveled to many different places in the world (including Brazil, once), always with computers and equipment involved, and I wouldn't have tried to bring something like a monitor as checked-in baggage.

First, there's the baggage handling that carlsson mentioned. I only have to look at my all-metal special reinforced tools case.. it looks like it's been through war. And these days I don't even travel with that case, it got more and more difficult to bring it. Going to the US, in particular, meant getting interrogated by US airliner personnel before leaving the European airport, detailing everything in the case. That took some time.

For my "normal" baggage I've gone through a number of suitcases through the years. Hard or soft, they always end up as total wrecks after some time. It can go well for a while, then one day it comes off the conveyor belt with parts missing, even if you thought it was solid as Superman.
(The only place I would feel somewhat safer sending something fragile as checked-in baggage would be to Japan, I was watching the baggage handlers in Tokyo and they handled all the bags as if there was a delicate Ming vase inside. And at the conveyor belt there was a uniformed person who's job was to catch the bags as they came out on the belt so that they didn't bump into anything.)

Then there's customs. Unless you can document that its value is below some country-specific limit then you'll get into trouble. And documentation would have to be very good. Unfortunately, for Brazil it would have to be _extremely_ good. We shipped some items to Brazil a bit over a year ago (just a small computer, a slightly bigger Intel server, an LCD screen, some tape drives), and the paperworks took nearly a year to finish. I didn't get on the plane until that equipment had arrived. It's the most difficult place to ship to so far - you need to deal with a shipment handling company that specializes in Brazil (our handler (or rather, our customer's handler) didn't, that's why it took so long. Normal time is meant to be "only" a few months.)

I wouldn't have tried to bring a CRT to any country (unless it was very small). Not even a 19" LCD, unless I could put it into a suitcase likely to keep me from being picked out by customs. But those are new, and can be documented to be of low (relative) value. I would feel safe bringing something like a 14"-15" LCD. Anyway the risk of damage to a CRT would be pretty big, unless it's packed in a way where checking it in as baggage isn't an option anymore. I have a 17" IBM Aptiva monitor in its original case in my office, that case is _big_ (and sturdy, people visiting my office use it as a chair).

(as for overweight.. yes, that's expensive. However, the last few times I traveled out of country I was amazed when the check-in machine told me I was allowed 3 cases of up to 32 kg each.. 96 kilos!)


August 8th, 2012, 06:46 AM
That's good information! Thanks!

I receive large packages here without problem (sometimes I buy cars parts from USA to my brother), it really take a long time in customs, but always gets here. I didn't have tough about the extra weight problem, thanks for alerting me. Maybe it's better to arrange some wooden case to put a monitor in, and then use regular post office to bring it to me. I'm also trying to get a external floppy disk, which is very heavy.

August 9th, 2012, 03:02 AM
Yes, I forgot that different airlines have varying luggage limitations and that long distance flights seem to carry more luggage than shorter flights. Then again, unless there is a passenger revolution it seems the trend will go to less and less luggage, ideally one day every passenger will travel without any luggage at all, even carry-on.

So yes, a well manufactured wooden or steel box with custom padding so nothing can move inside and it will need targetted force to break probably is your best bet. Or move to a different country where you can find all the computer parts you need locally. ;-)