View Full Version : 3.5 720k & 1.44 Macintosh Disk Service

September 23rd, 2012, 06:26 AM
I know some of you VCF'ers out there have Mac's but you don't have System Software. I can take care of that for you now too.

Apple does indeed provide allot of their legacy system software for free on their website, I can get that for you and make media, or if you have your own images of older or particular System Software that you want to send me, I will make your media too.

Thankfully, because 3.5" is more available than the 360k service I'm doing the cost for media and the service is less.

720k disks are $1 per disk if using your media, $2 per disk if you want mine
1.44m disks are 50 cents per disk if using your media and $1 per disk if you want mine

Now I realize System Software can use allot of disks, so anything above 10 disks I will take 25 percent off each disk above 10 disks.

Shipping is not included. I can offer U.S. users a choice between Media Mail & Priority Mail. Everywhere else it is Priority Mail only.

Some F.A.Q.
1)Can you make Apple II disks?
A)I can make 720k and 1.44m disks that are formatted in ProDOS.
2)You said $2 if the service will use your media, are your disks new?
A)Yes, they are brand new DS/DD and DS/HD disks. Currently I have a pretty hefty stock, but the price may go up if the demand is high.
3)Do you have a media library? Example: I'm Jeremy, and want a ProDOS boot disk, but I don't have any data with me. Can you solve Jeremy's problem?
A)Whatever Apple provides in their Legacy library I can get to you. I'm not charging for the software, simply the media and time to duplicate & mail it to you. Anything that is not in their legacy library, you will have to provide me an image file, either in .bin or. hqx