View Full Version : Nintendo CD64 Help!

May 24th, 2006, 05:56 PM
I haven't used it in about 5yrs but I got the BIOS(v1.30) screen to come up. I have ALL accessories (ds1, parallel cable, protected decoder card, 256mb ram), all the original carts need to boot and save(mario 64, SW EP1 Racer, Command & conquer) on but when ever I try to start a game it goes to a blank screen. I did burn the cd's in the proper mode 1 iso 9660 only format. I burnt at 32x & 4x speed just in case. The only success I have had is downloading SW EP1 Racer cart to DRAM and playing. I re-seated the RAM and I was thinking about upgrading the cd-rom. I read it can go up to 32x. Any info out there is about 5yrs old too. I have had no success at all trying to connect via laptop to the device with cd64comm.exe but it might be my laptop because I have had a similar issue before with the LPT1 port. I thought I had this issue when I first got it but their online support helped me solve it and now I can't remember. Anyone that can offer any help at all would be greatly appreciated.