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June 1st, 2006, 10:25 AM
I'm trying to find a version of Scott Adams text adventure "The Count" for use on a VIC emulator (I have several but i use WinVICE) ... i found a .ROM file which apparently works with an emulator i dont have called PC-VIC, but i'd like to know if there is another file i could obtain which will work on WinVICE ... I can get the .ROM file to sort of work on WinVICE, but it goes tits up after a few moves. I'm also after GORF for that matter. I know there are both cartridge games, so i assume that is why there is seeminly not a TAP or D64 file etc ...

Any help appreciated.

June 1st, 2006, 11:13 AM
You need to take the following steps to run Scott Adams' adventures:

1. Disable memory expansion. WinVICE comes in default with +8K memory expansion for some unknown reason. Go to Settings -> VIC Settings and choose "no expansion memory"
2. Go to File -> Attach cartridge image -> 4/8/16K image at $4000. This is where the Scott Adams adventures are located.
3. Perform a soft reset (Alt+R).
4. Type SYS 32592 to start the adventure.

There are alternative ways to configure VIC as unexpanded machine, but since you're working in an emulated environment, it is easiest to solve it the emulation way.

If you attach the cartridge and start it without disabling memory configuration, some pointers will be different and the program will gobble up, like you experienced.

You can find all those cartridge images on Zimmers (http://www.zimmers.net/anonftp/pub/cbm/vic20/roms/index.html). The Scott Adams adventures though are located in another subdirectory than the rest of the cartridges, for some unknown reason.

June 1st, 2006, 01:29 PM
Thanks for your reply ...

What you've said does'nt work for me, but that link was useful as it said in the directory sub-heading you need to enable blocs 2 & 3 in the memory. So i did this on the emulator, attached the prg file using "Autostart Disk/Tape Image" then after it had loaded typed the SYS command and it works !

Many thanks !