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Roland Huisman
November 12th, 2012, 02:01 PM
Hello Everyone,

Today I've got a second Xerox 820 II with 8 inch drives.
But there is also a lot of software that came with the machine.


I was wondering if it is interesting to make some IMD files from it.
Since I'd fixed my TRS80 model II I have also a setup for making and reading 8 inch disks.

Here are some titles of the original Xerox disks I'd got with the computer.
Xerox removable configuration utility
Teletex gateway service
Teletex gateway service configur utility
Xerox 8000 network systems
CP/M820 II 2.2E
Checker 2.2E
Dbase II-80 rel 4.7
word processing select disk
word processing tutor disk
master 860 tekstverwerking (I think it's a dutch program, not sure)
Cbasic II
A game disk
Fixed disk services (three disks)

And as you can see some software packages on the pictures.

Maybe the software is quite common, I don't know.
I can make images of the disks if there are people interested.
(no costs off cource, only to help other people having xerox computers)

Regards, Roland

November 13th, 2012, 01:02 PM
If it isn't on bitsavers.org already, I guess Al Kossow will be interested.

December 24th, 2012, 02:04 PM
Wow Roland!... didn't see this till just now. I just posted a request here: http://www.vintage-computer.com/vcforum/showthread.php?34929-Need-Kermit-for-Xerox-820-II!&p=256868#post256868 for some communications stuff already compiled for the 820-II. I'd be interested in dBaseII, SuperCalc, and CBasicII, and whatever other useful goodies you could image for me (on 8" discs). If you like, I have a complete boxed set of CP/M Plus for the TRS80 Model 4 with all 5 discs and both manuals, I could send you. I really do need Kermit or some other viable comm program that I can use with the serial port to get stuff onto the machine. Let me know if you're interested. Thanks!

Dave Land

Roland Huisman
December 25th, 2012, 03:39 AM
Hello Dave,

I'd almost image all disks. Only a few sealed in small boxes are still sealed.
So there are many images but I have to sort it all out a little.

I have really no idea how the communications software was called those days.

There are tools to get inside these images but I don't have it running at the moment.

But I can put all images in a large zipfile unsorted so you can search yourself.
(they are .IMD dave dunfield images. I PM you a download link)

Regards, Roland