View Full Version : fun 286 in the UK

June 12th, 2006, 03:44 PM
http://cgi.ebay.com/286-Computer_W0QQitemZ8824600216QQihZ005QQcategoryZ419 3QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem

a departure from the strictly IBM utilitarian normal style. Like how much can a beige box be really any different, but I think it looks classy! And cheap (thus far).

June 12th, 2006, 03:59 PM
That's been in my watch list for the last few days! It's tempting, I have to say...

July 10th, 2006, 06:41 PM
LMAO. I have just moved away from the UK to be with my wife here in NC & it's funny to see that this stuff is still being sold over there on the UK ebay!

I have a 386sx here with math co-processor & 4mb of ram! In fact - I think I'm going to go play with it right now! :D