View Full Version : Can anyone send me a few specif game screenshots for something i'm writting?

December 12th, 2012, 01:05 PM
I'm writting a small article on my blog about diffrent pc graphics standards and my dosbox isn't coperating, I don't want to just pull something off the internet so i was wondering if anyone could help me out by taking a few screenshots and sending them to me so i can use them.

I need
screenshot from "eye of the beholder" in Hercules graphics mode. needs to be at the very start of the game looking tword the gate that was just caved it. If EOB is incompatiable with herc mode then any game in that mosew will do, dispite my best efforts I cannot get herc mode to run in my dosbox and i currently lack the acual hardware.

any 2 screenshots compairing the same screen in VGA and SVGA. or can someone direct me to a game that offers a choice.

thanks, any help is appriciated.