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December 13th, 2012, 12:09 PM
A video shining a spotlight on the Osborne 1


December 13th, 2012, 02:38 PM
Nice work Tez. I enjoy watching your videos.

December 13th, 2012, 04:02 PM

Well done on the Osborne 1a video !!!

It looks like it is in perfect condition.

How did you get it & any other details you want to share about it ?

Very helpful for those of us who do not have one.

Nothing like seeing “ live “ on video – both inside & outside !

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For those who do not know, I would suggest anyone looking for more details should get Osborne’s book on “ Hypergrowth” to help you form your own opinions about “ what really happened “ to Osborne and his computers.

I got it on the paperback swap site for in essence free – you donate one & get one back – even autographed to an employee & in perfect condition.

It opens with a copy of the legal document he got to “ not “ publish the book, but he does.

There is much to ponder there, especially all the actual financial details !.

They were putting out about 6 shipped computers per hour ! Many already paid for with many more backordered. That is where his term “hypergrowth” came from. No one had ever experienced such a thing before.

He certainly got the basic idea of what consumers really wanted & needed + very willing to pay for it, even if they had to wait months for delivery.

“ Sufficient is good enough “ was one of his quotes and it served very well.

The master stroke of “ bundling “ basic necessary software with the hardware was another key – supposedly for free !

“ Luggable” – yes at about 30 pounds, but could fit under the seat of a plane.

As Kay one of the earliest significant computer people put it –

“ To predict the future –

Invent it [ progressive ]
Prevent it [ regressive ]

So what really happened – prevent or invent or both ?

You decide.

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Kaypro came after it and learned from the Osborne mistakes, but Compaq being IBM compatible put an inevitable end to the CP / M era.

He and the Kaypro crew accepted the inevitable and moved on the best they could with their lives, but in many ways, it was a “ very personal “ thing for them.

My book on that era provides some “ context “ and a lot more specific details about all this as many of you know.

It is one of the many often repeated “ patterns “ in my decades of STS – NSF [science, technology & society – National Science Foundation] research.

I like to use the image of a “ relay race “ – one older established company has to inevitably & eventually “ pass on the baton “ to the next, newest, more successful, etc. company.

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It was quite the era to be preserved & you certainly are doing more than your part Tez to keep it all alive so others can appreciate how we got to where we are a little better.

All the best in all you continue to do for vintage computers.

Hope you are enjoying your “ summer “ as we enjoy winter [??? – hurricane Sandy was even worse in SE PA than the other October storm last year – but no one got hurt or killed locally – we are learning how to survive very rapidly – back to our early camping era as Boy Scouts – portable home generators are a must – almost all have them locally now !].

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Also keep some of that “ old technology, “ like vintage computers.

I had to send an important email, but internet cable & power were out due to trees coming down.

So I used our “landline” phone connected to an old Win XP laptop with a phone plug to send it. Our generators provided the electric power.

Now I know why I kept my AOL phone line account besides the broadband.

Do any modern computers even have phone plugs anymore ?

Cell phones were overloaded and only text messages allowed.

But with our land line phone I could call who I had to, if they still had land lines also.

Again, another “ pattern “ from my STS – NSF research.

Are the terrorists & other bad people watching ? You bet.

Tom Clancy's latest sci / tech book just came out - just ordered it !

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Also sincere wishes for the holidays and 2013 !

Hope the” holiday tradition “ on this site continues about going around the world posting happy holidays as they reach each area of the world. What a great site this is in so many ways and such great, very knowledgeable people.



Been very unusually busy with my STS – NSF research so have neglected this site, but try to check in periodically.

Also for those who do not know, Kaypro had a 9 “ screen compared to the 5 “ Tez notes on the Osborne – apparently they were very readily available due to security systems at that time – actually still available for about $300 – do a Google search.

So the “ external “ larger monitor option Tez shows for the Osborne, which was also available for the Kaypro, was very attractive.

Also the sealed case for the Osborne Tez shows was much better than the open Kaypro case – less chance of moisture, debris, etc. getting in, especially during travel. Fabric covers were available for the Kaypro however.

December 13th, 2012, 07:02 PM
Chuckster and GADFRAN,

Thanks for those notes of support. :mad: It means a lot to me to know people are getting something out of these videos. Such comments give me the incentive to keep going and do more.

>How did you get it & any other details you want to share about it ?

Actually I was lucky enough to get this one free in a haul of donated computers. I wrote about it on my blog in these two articles

Yes, it's summer here. I've just put in a new deck on the side of the house and we'll be having BBQ's on it very soon. Xmas is the start of the "Holiday" season here where schools close for 6 weeks. Similar to your July/August period I guess.

Sorry to hear about the "Sandy" devastation. I hope no collectors lost their treasures due to basements flooding.