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December 26th, 2012, 05:22 PM
“Computerized “ eye glasses for us “older folks ! “

Holidays provide some time for me to catch up on some of my sci / tech reading for my decades of STS – NSF research.

Thought some of you on this site, “ the older folks ! “ might be interested in the following.,

It is another very creative / innovative / etc. use of computing in everyday life.

“ Eyeglasses Focus Electronically “
A Roanoke, VA company

Before it was only bifocal, trifocal & progressive lenses for older folks !

Now can turn on / off “ near zone “ or use automatic vision correction by the “ tilt “ of just your head.

Ref – R & D Magazine, 9 / 2012, p # 20
50 th Annual R & D 100 Awards
Vol. 54, # 6

Enjoy !.

All the best always to all for the New Year 2013 !



If interested, if not, just use your delete key – I also offer the following –

Just got new lenses for my glasses at 70 + and what a difference !

Those of us who are “ older “ well remember our first pair of glasses – heavy, easily broken plastic frames, thick lenses, expensive, etc.

Now much lighter, thinner [I have a very high correction], polycarbonate with strong titanium frames + all the coatings ! About $400.

At tip –

They kept getting “ frosted “ after several years & out of the warranty period.

When I was still working in the lab, I thought it was just the lab chemicals.

But now retired, that is not possible.

Do your own Google research, but apparently you now need to use special spray cleaners & microfiber cloths to clean these new lenses.

A little alcohol to help drying is fine, but not a lot.

As a chemist, I would just assume use some isopropyl alcohol out of the bottle from the drug store. Big mistake !

Also I suspect, but no evidence, the ingredients of some of the new microbiological had soaps may also be a factor.

So you might want to just use ordinary soap, but I have found that it leaves a “ greasy “ residue as might be expected.

So I am “ biting the bullent “ and spending the money on the proper spray cleaners & microfiber cloths to clean my eyeglass lenses.

I do a lot of reading and close computer work and it is very annoying + eye strain if my glasses are not in good condition.

Hope this is of some interest and help in your own eye glass issues.

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Also some other interesting articles in this magazine involve – no stick surfaces, concrete fibers that bend, etc. – check it out for what interests you !

Big STS – NSF issue is always – but can you make a sufficient profit from any of these - that is always the big question for many complex reasons.

Happy holidays & all the best always for the New Year 2013 !!!