View Full Version : Morrow MD3 Floppy Format and imddisk

January 31st, 2013, 12:43 PM
I am trying to make some boot disks for a friend but, I don't have a MD3 anymore to test the disks before I mail them out. I made a set of images off original boot disks years ago but, didn't write down if they were double-step or not. Imddisk doesn't keep track of that so, I have to enter in on or off. I know the Micro Decision 3 used DSDD floppy drives and I am pretty sure they were 250Kbps. I have a drive that writes that fine and I used it before to make these for other people but, I always had to try it on the MD3 to remind myself. I seem to remember if I get it wrong they wont boot. It's been awhile though and too many systems in between. One site said they were 5" DS/DD 384K format. That just means 360K after formatting right ?