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February 7th, 2013, 06:10 PM
The time is here, and the time is now!

The Vintage Computer Festival Southeast wants you to show your stuff, that is, your classic computing stuff. ; )

If you're interested in exhibiting or selling at the show, please head right over to http://vintage.org/2013/southeast/exhibit.php

We are using the same page / form for both exhibitors & vendors.

It's going to be a big show, and we have the venue all set. It's a former CompUSA and their regional corporate offices. The building, utilities, parking, security, etc. is already guaranteed by our large, premier exhibitor, Lonnie Mimms. Not only is he a big-time collector, but he is the CEO of Mimms Enterprises, a commercial real estate developer and management company.

He is managing, furnishing and providing the artifacts of the entire Apple Pop-Up Museum from his private collection. The Atlanta Historical Computing Society is responsible for and handling the rest of the show - exhibits, vendors, workshops, sessions, speakers and more.

Please join us for what is going to be a lively and entertaining show. We expect a large turnout by both hobbyist collectors and the general public.

Don't hesitate to email me with any questions. Also, remember, you can just come out and see the show too!


David Greelish
- Computer Historian, Writer, Podcaster & Speaker
- Founder of the Atlanta Historical Computing Society


Director of the Vintage Computer Festival Southeast 1.0 - 4/20 & 4/21, 2013