View Full Version : Ibm Pc-dos 3.10

June 26th, 2006, 03:43 AM
Does anyone have a copy of IBM DOS 3.10? If so, would you be kind enough to make me a copy of the Supplements disk in WinImage?

I have original DOS 3.10 and the supplements disk has a corruption problem...


June 26th, 2006, 08:06 AM
I have PC-DOS 3.20...

June 26th, 2006, 08:32 AM

I'd like to encourage the use of the private message feature for that kind of reply. (Once again, not picking on anybody in particular ... just making a point while it is relevant.)

It would cut down on the number of posts that are 'clutter', and would also keep this place from looking like an abandonware distribution site, which it is not.

June 26th, 2006, 09:02 AM
I have to second mbbrutman's concern.

As many folks here know this site is spidered daily and we enjoy a fairly high position on a variety of search engines. I would like to think that the majority of those search hits actually bring people to relevant hits - i.e. posts with useful, accurate content.

If they do then the people that follow links here are more likely to join and leave their own valuable information for the rest of us (keep in mind that we generally have several times as many lurkers as members online at a given time.)

We're not trying to pick on tgunner - he was only trying to help - but we're hoping that all of our efforts go into making these boards a more valuable resource for the community.

Thanks for reading my rant! :)