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February 19th, 2013, 08:48 AM
I recently came across several programs that run on the old C/PM operating system. Currently I have a Windows XP and a Windows 7 computer available to me. Does anyone know how I can adapt these programs to run on the later versions of windows? Or is their an iso available of C/PM available that I could run in VMware?

UPDATE - 05-26-2013 via edit as I can't find a way to properly respond to the question.

Can I adapt these programs to run on the later versions of windows? NO!

Is their an iso available of C/PM? YES!

There isn't a way to run CP/M on Windows (XP or 7) unless you can find an Emulator that supports the CP/M software you have. Plus, the CP/M floppy's
are most likely some special format, so you are going to have to determine what those specifications are first. As an example there are over 150 US
CP/M formats and probably more European formats. So, you can't just guess what format to use. There is software available for OLDER IBM type
Computers that allow you to determine the format of your floppy's. One such package that I like is by SYDEX named 22DISK, as I'm a registered
User. if you are still determined to find the proper format, I've written a New Definitions document that will assist you in finding the Floppy's
parameters, so that your Emulator can read/write the files from the floppy.

If you want to boot a LiveDVD of CP/M to see what the software looks like, then you can go here and down the LiveDVD:


But, be advised that CP/M didn't know anything about SATA, and so this LiveDVD must be booted on systems with IDE DVD/CD Drives.

The next problem will be accessing your Floppy's from the LiveDVD, as without a way to set your Floppy's to Emulate the Disk Parameters
of the system that created the floppy, the only way to get those files to CP/M is by RS-232C Transfer. This menas you will need xmodem, Mex,
Mite, Modem9xx, or Pipmodem to transfer your files. Then you won't likely be able to save your files and/or data.

So, you've got some long hours of playing ahead if you want to execute the CP/M Software.

If you had a Radio Shack Model 4 running Montezuma Micro CP/M 2.31, or a Kaypro II running CP/M you could set the drive parameters, load the
software and give it a whirl. But, without the proper Emulator or older Hardware CP/M Machine it's not going to be easy.