View Full Version : looking for info on the NCR DATAMATE

July 1st, 2006, 07:49 AM
...not Decision Mate. This thing supposedly came out slightly after it and less then 3000 were made. So says this lady that used to work for them. I saw this strange puter in Edlie's on Lawnguylind ~15 years ago (a second hand, mostly electronic store). It just looked a little different from the Decision Mate or later PC4 (w/thuh 8088).
I'm of the sneaking suspicion this thing was a pseudo-compatible, or had a card that could be added to it that sported an 8088 (did the Decision Mate have this option, even aftermarket?). I could be totally wrong though. I remember booting the thing in the store and seeing this:


so therefore, being ignorant of cp/m stuph then (and largely now too), I thought it was booting DOS. Any clues?