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March 25th, 2013, 06:40 PM
12431I've gotten so much help here over the years I though I'd post the current status of one of my Kaypro 10 projects.

I finally got a later model Kaypro 10 (81-469 motherboard) that has the 40 pin connector next to the floppy connector on the right and a 28 pin BIOS. It already had an Advent Turborom bios but also a bad video power supply. I ended up swapping out a tube and video power supply from another Kaypro 10.
I wanted to be able to use 2 hard disks as it talks about in the documentation by Advent. It had a NEC 20 meg and I had a spare ST225 Seagate. I installed the St225 as the second drive.
I booted the system with the Advent boot disk which gives you a small system with an A> prompt
The ADVFMT.COM program is interesting:
It asks you for the drive number (default is [1]) I picked 2 (the NEC was already formated and working as drive A B C)
then it gives you a list of manufacturers or an option to enter parameters I picked Segate (their spelling)
then a list of different Segate drives - I picked ST225
it did a basic format of 2447 tracks
then "Do you want to mark any bad tracks?" I said N the default
then:"Do you want to VERIFY and TEST the drive now?" well I found out YOU HAVE TO DO IT. They say it takes 30 minutes but try around an hour or more.
It first goes through all the cylinders and heads and marks any hard errors. - 2 passes
then it writes 0FFH to each track then goes back and reads it twice - noting any errors
then it does a "worst case read": it writes to all the tracks then reads in 2 passes. I'm not sure what it's doing here but after 2 passes it's done
FWIW don't touch the keyboard at all or it'll stop and you have to start all over again.
THEN you can partition the drive. Apparently CP/M has a maximum size of 8128. The program very nicely sets the maximum size.

then..... The Seagate will not boot as fast as the NEC so I have to make the NEC drive 2 and the ST225 drive 1.
To make the drive 1 bootable you have to first use the PEEK.COM to figure out the maximum system size. In this case it was 61.00 K

then you use MOVTURBO.COM (like movcpm.com) in this case it was MOVTURBO 61.00
that generates a TURB6100.sys file
then TURBOGEN TURB6100.sys then it asks you which drive to write the system to. In this case it's B (remember it was booted from the floppy drive)
(sigh) but now I have a Kaypro 10 with hard disk drives A, B, C, D, E, F and Floppy drive G.
It is possible to change the drive letters but I'll probably leave them as-is. The FLPYFMT.COM formats the correct drive - thankfully.
D $USV comes in more handy than ever and nusweep.com which is my program of preference for moving files around is going to get quite a workout.

also in the FWIW category. on the older K-10s the mods required to make the 28 pin eprom work in the 24 pin bios, does require pins 1, 28, 27, and 26 to be connected and pin 2 of the adapter to pin 2 of the z-80. I had a motherboard with a factory (Advent) mod done and that is the way it was done.

Any suggestions or comments are welcome and anyone wanting to do something similar just holler

IN another FWIW the serial ports on the later K10 are opposite of the earlier K10 - lost a few hairs on that one until I looked closer.