View Full Version : PalmPilot Professional @ flea market

July 2nd, 2006, 10:56 PM
It was made in 1997 so it doesn't qualify as vintage but definitely obsolete (if you go by the 10-year rule).

Roberto (stepson) picked it up for $20 today and he's real excited about it. He was choosing between an organiser and this, and i convinced him that since he wants to program for games, get this so he can practice writing apps. Also, the palm is expandable and that other organiser was locked as-is.

I'm looking around and since they're about $5 on ebay (I'm not gonna tell him that, it would send him into a fit) I was thinking about getting one to develop on. If anyone knows something linux or star wars for it, please let me know! I was thinking of making a flying game with up, down, left and right and fire. Either Star Wars or Stargate themed.

Is there any way to increase the ram on this thing? It has a removable chip, and wanted to see if anyone here had a line on parts while I go around and look.

It's a neat little thing, and I think Roberto's gonna have a blast once he understands it better.