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April 9th, 2013, 05:19 PM

Thanks for the inquiry & hearty welcome to the Kaypro group on this site.

There is a wealth of info we have accumulated on this site for you to explore just do a search under Kaypro & even me GADFRAN. Tez from New Zealand is another good source he may even have a YouTube video all about this or will be making one.

He is a friendly guy & will answer any of your questions just PM him.

Simply, sure ! I have all my six [6] Kaypro 2s converted to Kaypro 4s and then to Kaypro 8s using Microcornucopia info & parts.

Many Tandons for many reasons were just not reliable. So Teacs replaced them. In the Kaypro 8s you could put in four [4] of them half heights and they could even be quads so the memory to save to greatly increased.

The issue is to get them some recycling centers may be your best bet.

You will just have to do your Google search & post an inquiry on this site some may have them to sell at very reasonable prices.

For the 360 K Teacs it is just plug & play, but you have to do the drive settings correctly with some jumpers.

Again, lot on this site & ask we are a very friendly group trying to keep vintage computers alive & working !

You can also check my very simple initial website WWW.KAYPROSTS.ORG for some more information & a draft of my book on early 1980s computers mostly the Kaypros under the folder Special.

Good luck !

Should be done very easily.

But keep us informed by your posts so we can increase our Kaypro Knowledgebase on this site.

I can dig out more of my info but it will take some time since I am involved in so many projects. So the best is to just do a post & you should get some prompt responses.

If not, just let me know & I will begin the digging ! But much is already posted on this site since so many inquired.


April 9th, 2013, 05:23 PM
Note - system will not let me respond to this PM for some reason - not that I cannot respond personally - my response is posted.