View Full Version : New Hard Disk in a Kaypro 10

May 5th, 2013, 06:27 AM
I was wondering if anyone on this board has had any success with installing a "new" hard disk in a Kaypro 10.

What is the K10 limited to in terms of hard drives it supports?

I know there are limitations depending on the hard drive controller board - it would be nice to keep the original WD-1002-HDO board that came with it, but would this be another option (switching out that board with a more modern hard disk controller)?

From what I've gathered online, this controller supports the "Seagate 506 interface" and possibly the Seagate 412 interface. I have to admit my level of understanding of this stuff is pretty minimal, any help is appreciated. This is a favorite computer of mine (sentimental value of growing up as a kid using my Dad's K10 and playing trek!).

The goal I'm trying to accomplish is just to have a more reliable hard disk. The one I have needs to warm up over several hours before it can start being reliably read/written to, and even then it's only at about 50% - bad sector errors all over the place.

Thanks for any help.

May 5th, 2013, 10:16 AM
The standard K10 is limited to 10 meg hard drives. You can put a ST225 20 meg but you will only get 10 meg after formatting. I'm not aware of any other hard disk controllers that would work. You can put an Advent rom and have a lot more options. 2 hard drives up to 64m(each) although partition size is limited by CP/M.
I think I would try reformatting your current drive and see if that improves things. Obviously backup what you might need first, you may have what you need in user area 15 of the A drive. Some of the "techno wizards" here have explained that after awhile the formatting of the hard drives gets weakened.

The K10 is my favorite computer also. I have one with the Advent ROM and running 2 st225 drives = A B C D E F and floppy drive G.