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Bill S.
July 14th, 2006, 11:46 PM
Just joined and I'm surprised this site is a year old but not much archive can be found on old PC's I have found. I became a bit of an old hardware whore recently, thinking I could learn a bit while modifying old machines to work with video and audio, digital cameras, the Internet, some games, etc.... Unlike most modern hardware, this stems from my first computer dating back to 2000/2001... an eMachine eTower 700, with Celeron CPU, 64MB RAM and WinME new from Circuit City store in MN.
I have mentioned the two IBM's I feel are worth a bit of exploring above... The PS/Note 425C is apparently the first color notebook and it has more memory currently then my recently gotten Toshiba 410CS laptop! Of course, that was using an add DIMM card, the same size cards used in an early HP desktop donated to me, I found that quite odd, especially since it had a Socket 7 mobo with riser for slots!
Anyway, I am curious about trouble getting Win 98SE on the Aptiva to work with needed drivers after a fresh install.... Where can I get them for no cost?

For the IBM PS/Note, I'm curious about preinstalled software that normally came on it, and what HDDs people have used as upgrades. I have a 125 and 80MB that are working but the 125 Maxtor drive had MANY errors patched, suffered from a fall it appears... as had an identicle 425C that donated some parts....
I kept the bottom, base unit for a spare, but the LCD was scrapped due to burn in and keyboard didn't respond when swapped to working unit.
Oddly the above mentioned Toshiba had keyboard issues as well, even transferring to external board. I have to use a mouse connected as that is dead regardless (AccuPoint, IIRC).

I was told this is a mobo failure, but it does reboot working at times and worked last time with no faults. I want to upgrade to Win98 after memory card is added.... I downloaded last revised (Micro-Solutions) Backpack driver and used ext. Parallel port CD ROM to add programs, worked like a charm, highly recommended!!


July 15th, 2006, 01:26 PM

These should work no?

Terry Yager
July 15th, 2006, 01:36 PM
That's kinda a low-end machine to run 98SE on...can't you get by with 95?