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May 21st, 2013, 06:11 PM
Does anyone know of any good Gameboy Advance Flash Carts for sale outside of the impossible to find EZ Flash IV?

Looking for one to stick a bunch of ROM's on and save games where needed...


May 22nd, 2013, 06:41 AM
You really should just use Google a little more, bud... all of these kind of questions you're asking have been debated to death for years on other forums, and are much more appropriate to console-dedicated forums like GBATemp, NintendoAge, and AtariAge than they are on a vintage computer forum - despite the name of this category, Vintage Gaming, it's safe to assume that it was meant for Vintage COMPUTER Gaming. Since that's the name of the site.

Just sayin' ;)

With that said... I've a single-game flash cart. Actually, the EZ Flash IV and EZ Flash 3-in-1, IIRC. I want to say that I paid like $30 for them a few years ago when I picked up my original R4 DS. I bought both because I wanted the flexibility to use one in my NES Limited GBA SP as well as having one live in my DS Lite forevermore. Which it does.

IIRC, the EZ Flash IV could handle one game at a time, and didn't have support for a menu (I didn't and don't use it much). The 3-in-1 supports a mini-SD (I have a 2gb in mine), and has a menu for multiple games. It also supports NES, SMS, and TG16/PCE games natively, although the emulators are old and out of date - you're better off running a more modern emulator off of your NDS flash card, then loading the roms for that emulator by hand.

Or, if you're looking for multi-emu support, move onto the best portable solution out there - mod your PSP-2000. It's an EXCELLENT AIO solution for SNES/NES/TG16/PCE/NeoGeo/SMS/Genesis.

May 22nd, 2013, 07:40 AM
I have read and read Google, but wanted to know what hte folks here have to say about it...

The PSP-2000 is a good idea I am going to look more into....but I lilke playing games (Computer or Console) on teh systems they were made for!

May 23rd, 2013, 09:04 AM
Then if all you're wanting to do is load games on the system for which it was intended... Since it's a GBA flash cart, go to GBATemp and look at their stickies comparing the pros and cons of each flash cart. Now try and find one that's still available and go after it. If you can't find the model you want on "retail," then put a want ad in their want forums - I can assure you from first-hand experience that anything console-related that you're after can be found for a price from the users at GBATemp, AtariAge, and NintendoAge.

Here are just a bunch of old computer users who MAY have a few consoles (and most of those are of the Nintendo generation in the 1980's)... you're really narrowing your target audience by posting so many console-specific questions here rather than in more appropriate places, not to mention, being off-topic for this forum/site.

Come to think of it, maybe it was the Supercard IV that I had which was one rom at a time.... it's been a LONG time since I even thought about that stuff....