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June 30th, 2013, 10:35 PM
My troublesome 120 Mhz Pentium has had its primary hard drive retired.
On dismantling, the four surfaces show exactly the same sort of damage in the same place, explaining the inability to Format or Scandisk using W95 from the secondary drive.

Before committing the machine to any work, I need to test the secondary drive - so I installed Norton Utilities (1996 W95 version).
But, Norton needs Internet Explorer.
So I downloaded IE5 and tried to install that - but it wants an internet connection and I do not have any easy way to do that.
I got Netscape 4.04 installed OK, but Norton prefers the IE flavour.

Any suggestions on getting Norton installed on a 120 MHz Pentium ?
Or an equivalent hard disk drive checking package ?
Or are the W95 in-built tools sufficient ?


Problem fixed.
W95 did a Scandisk of all 4 partitions with 0 faults reported.
The Norton CD includes a copy of IE3.0, apparently adequate for the requirement.
This machine is now lean and mean.
Now seriously contemplating installing LinuxCNC.

July 1st, 2013, 10:04 AM
For whatever it is worth, I would recommend Norton Utilities 2001 over the earlier versions for Windows 95. 2001 is much more solid, is the last one to support 95, and does not suffer from the same crazy IE requirements (It doesn't seem to need IE at all!)