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August 1st, 2013, 02:16 PM
Hi All,

First of all I am a newbie on this site. I was trying to find out how could I post a question on the forum but all I could find was the post a new article link. Please excuse me for posting questions in the articles.

First question: how do I post questions on this forum?

Second question for which I came here, actually there are a lot of questions :) I would greatly appreciate immediate help as I have to respond to the managers by tomorrow. They only told me of this opportunity yesterday. Apologies for such a short notice.

In the company that I work for, I got an opportunity to travel to US for about an year to work on migrating AS/400 to .Net. I want to take up this opportunity as it has some good financial prospect + I will get to have some new experience working with the client but am a little apprehensive about it.

All I know about AS/400 is it is a legacy technology and that the client is migrating their software from AS/400 to .Net. With help from experts on this forum, I want to understand what exactly is AS/400 and what is its future? Is it a server, a framework, a language - what is it? How are programs written using this technology?

Is it worth it for an experienced .Net developer to devote like half a day for several months to learn a legacy technology to port it to .Net? I understand .Net is anyway involved in this and I will learn more of .net while doing this work and that it can add weight to my resume, learning a new technology while doing project development is going to be a challenge. I just want to make sure taking so much of pain is worth it and I would be able to leverage this in future.

Could you guys please help me understand if there is a possibility of growth in future using the AS/400 - .Net combination?

Given my situation where I have to learn AS/400 while working on the project, how long should I be expected to become sufficiently conversant with the technology so that I can read the code and understand what is going on and then write that in .Net? I can assure you if there is some text available like books on the technology I would be able to pick up things decently fast. So how much time might it take to understand basic constructs like variables, types, methods, returning values, accessibility, operators, conditionals, loops, jumps, constants etc. Also what about exception handling, memory management, file IO, logging etc?

Is it possible to acquire this software from somewhere, install it and start learning/practicing coding using AS/400 like other platforms like .Net where you just get the software - IIS, visual studio, c# compiler, asp.net, SQL server etc, install it and start working?

I have also tried to search internet and am still trying it but I wanted to hear from experts who actually have worked/are working on this.

A huge thanks to all of you for help!!!