View Full Version : Tulip Compact II Video Connector

August 4th, 2013, 11:21 AM
Hi there, folks at vintage-computer.com.

When I was nine, I bought my first actual PC. It was a Tulip Compact II. Tulip is probably the biggers computer-manufacturer The Netherlands ever had.
It was a strange machine though. It had all the looks of a Compact III but I'm absolutely certain it said compact II on the front.
Last year, I went and bought a Compact II to relive these memories. Planning to install DOS 5.0, Quikmenu, WP5.1 and vintage games on it.
I had an Oki Microline 20 printer back then, I'll try to find that as well.

Eitherway, the Tulip arrived and it seems to boot and run beautifully. But then...
That's the video connector.
Don't be fooled, it's not S-video. It's really something with an entirely different pin-layout.
The "Tulip Users Group" website says something about a "DGA-adapter". Google doesn't know such a thing exists.

So... Can anyone here help me with this issue?
If not, is an ISA video card a realistic option?

Thanks a lot in advance!