View Full Version : Honeywell-Bull AP-L (SuperSport 286) PSU Woes!

August 27th, 2013, 06:14 AM
I picked up a Honeywell-Bull AP-L laptop off eBay last week-- $10 with $15 for shipping out of Wisconsin. this is pretty much a SuperSport 286 rebrand.
The seller said there was no adapter to see if it worked, so it was AS-IS. I snatched it up thinking it'd be a diamond in the rough sort of thing...

I went and modified a 12v 4.3A supply I had so it was center negative at the barrel as is needed for it to power on. Flipped the switch... nothing!
so I opened it up and to my surprise, not only was I endowed with a very nice 40MB ESDI? IDE? hard drive, but a blown fuse on the power board! D:

using some wire, I made the fuse connection at the pins it stands on, and flipped the switch once more. I heard life! and then it shut off. and then... Magic Smoke!~

Seems a Sanyo Semicon SB80-05 went on me at D304 of the board. According to its datasheet (click) (http://html.alldatasheet.com/html-pdf/41414/SANYO/SB80-05/126/1/SB80-05.html), it's a Schottsky Barrier Diode? Rectifier? I'm not exactly sure, but it's 50v 8A, twin with common cathode. I can't seem to find any replacement parts for it on Mouser or similar sites, maybe I"m looking wrong. Can anyone lend a hand in steering me in the right direction? I'm a novice when it comes to these kinds of components but I sure can solder them in and do the heatsink compound job like a pro.

Other than that, there's also a D1667 transistor (Click for Datasheet) (http://pdf.datasheetcatalog.com/datasheet/sanyo/ds_pdf_e/2SD1667.pdf) on wires I'll want to replace as well just to be on the safe side, and a bunch of capacitors which I'm about to undergo ordering replacements of and also raiding my local radioshack for what little stock they have-- I want this fixed quick!

so I need a drop-in replacement for the SB80-05 AND the D1667.


Okay, I wrote the above last night and didn't get to posting it until now. Here's the list of everything I need capacitor-wise as well, since this is an old power board and I do not trust the capacitors one bit:

16v 100μF x2
25v 47μF x1
10v 100μF x2
50v 47μF x1
10v 2200μF x2 (but these are probably fine, however I want to take care of them so I don't have to later.)

As of right now, I have a small bag I got at Radioshack of 4x 125v 4A fuses, so I'm set there. I picked up some 35v 100μF 85C Lelon capacitors that now in hindsight I don't think I'll be using. Probably a mixture of Panasonic and Nichicons. Can anyone recommend what type of both of these I should be going for? I know Nichicon has different capacitor types for different uses and I'm an idiot at remembering that sort of thing off-hand. if anything, I'll keep the Lelons for some other project, I have a router that needs a recap and I think these will work.

August 28th, 2013, 08:36 PM
Not really an update: I've found matches for the two parts I need. I'll be making a full order on Saturday when payday rolls around, I'm not sure of Mouser's shipping rates and I want to be prepared to dig my hand into my wallet to save this poor poor laptop from an untimely demise.

D1667 Replacement (http://www.mouser.com/ProductDetail/STMicroelectronics/2ST31A/?qs=%2fha2pyFadugXUUz1GV0bUqzfCia9M5moDWaWDkqmaxWS T5nMNOD9dg%3d%3d)

SB80-05 Replacement (http://www.mouser.com/ProductDetail/Diodes-Inc/SBR3060CTFP/?qs=%2fha2pyFaduiuVKOcaOenrYSDFih6IzcXKqUgNTJmyy3V ju5gZSenug%3d%3d)

These are what the very intelligent and loving people in The Geek Group's IRC channel helped me find as replacements. I'm going to get them and see what happens and report back. (as a side-note, they have a Zenith MasterSport in their Archives room, along with a bunch of other neat vintage stuff. I might have to make the 10hr trek to Grand Rapids someday soon and have a play with it all.)

SECONDLY: if anyone has a WORKING SuperSport 286 internal power supply board, or any of the rebrands, and you'd like to sell it to me or hand it off to me for shipping (long shot!), Please, let me know and PM me the details. I want to get this thing working at any cost! :mrgreen: