View Full Version : t3100e to ps2 keyboard convertion.

August 4th, 2006, 12:53 PM
When the screen on my t3100e died, I kept the keyboard because it was the best I had ever typed on, with proper mechanical switches and a springy feel.

I know that a Ps2 keyboard has a litte PCB with 26 contacts on it, 2 sets of 13. If a circuit is made between the right ones, one from each, then it makes a letter, for lack of better terminology.

So my plan is to cannibalise a keyboard, extract the little PCB, and then using my unparelled atrocious skills of soldering, make a simple circuit to the right contacts for each particular key.

I intend to find the right pair of contacts for each key by trial and error, just hook it up to a PC and sit there with a wire testing each one, and writing down the letter that comes up.

However, as I am a complete n00b, and am not worthy of the HAX0rr crown, I notice that each keyswitch on the back of the t3100e keyboard has four points of solder, where I am looking for just 2 as I expected for a simple switch. Which ones am I looking to use, or how can I find out? I think my dad has a multimeter somewhere, but hes in Germany for a couple of days and I have never used one...

This is just a very simple plan, and probably has a myriad of fundamental flaws, which is why I call on the powers that be to guide me through the jungle that is electronics.

It would be something to do during the summer holidays at least.