View Full Version : 5 1/4" Floppy Disk Drive Not Responding Normally

October 3rd, 2013, 05:49 PM
I gave up on trying to bring back the hard drive of a Zenith Supersport SX laptop, which wasn't really going to accomplish my hopes anyways. (Cheap VGA chip, no sound card, bad power supplies)

So, I decided to step up my game, and for my birthday, I asked for an NEC Versa 4050C laptop with a docking station. (Driven by a Pentium Processor!)

This is where everything changed. I finally had good graphics, good sound, and the computer was small enough and of good aesthetic design.

But I digress. I've had limited success in transferring data. (Normally it requires opening the hard drive bay and unplugging the drive, then plugging it into an IDE USB cable on the computer I want to transfer data from.)

I cannot use either form of floppy disks, because the system has difficulty recognizing the disk drive properly.

There is only one time I can remember where the disk drive successfully read a 5.25 floppy disk, and it hasn't happened again. So I attempted

I use an Epson SD-600 floppy drive, but I cannot find specific documentation on it, and the closest derivative I could find was documents about an Epson SD-680.

I have found two sources that have assisted me greatly:

EPSON SD-600 HELP (http://compgroups.net/comp.os.cpm/anybody-has-the-jumper-desc-of-an-epson-sd-600-fl/945453)
EPSON SD-680 JUMPER SETTINGS (ftp://ftp.epson.com/desktop/SMD680.TXT)

I have gone over the jumper settings on my floppy disk drive multiple times, but the settings in the link above seem to conflict with what actually happens in the computer:

For example, in order for the computer to get the disk drive to actually respond, I have to set jumper block SS1 to DS0, which conflicts with the default setting of DS1.

Even then, the disk does not spin when addressed. The busy LED does light up, but nothing else except a "Drive Not Ready" error.

With the first source of help (the Compgroups site), it says to use a twisted cable, which is also what I am using.

I've run out of ideas, and I'm trying to get this floppy disk drive to work so I can make some Diagnostic CMOS BIOS disks for my Compaq Portable (whose battery crapped out earlier this year.).

(I apologize if this seems hard to follow. I wrote it rather hastily.)