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October 18th, 2013, 05:37 PM
Old web site not operating so got new local person to start new one.

Stay tuned !


not previous -


Previous company went out of business suddenly.

New local company may be of interst of many - check them out -


Dave specializes in small businesses, low prices, quick service, etc.

Frank - " the Kaypro guy ! " SE PA USA

October 22nd, 2013, 06:33 PM
" FYI " - it is working now but may have to type it into a search engine as Dave my website "guru " noted, not just click on it - but does work here.

He will be designing a whole new one for me ASAP - will let you know more later.

I am also now on Facebook - took me long time for many reasons.
Blog on UPPER SAUCON PATCH as " Frank's take......" but mostly local politics for now - but some humorous stuff + computing stuff coming !

As one on it called me " an old gezzer just living in the past " - hey - if you are lucky you get old, if not you die young !
My life and careers as you will see on my website were just " beyond my wildest dreams " with many to thank so much who did so much to make it happen - Kaypro included !
All the best always - this site is still super - but too busy to get on it much anymore.


November 2nd, 2013, 07:10 PM
“ All “ on “ old “ website now on “ new “ website !

Just thrilled of course !


He did a great job getting it up so quickly, especially before LMT elections
Tu 11/05/2013 next week – helps to show “ my credibility, background, experience, training, careers, education, etc.”

Any issues just let me know in so many ways to contact me of course.
================================================== ===
Note – “very large type + colors “ to help us “ old timers see it better !

You will find most of my web site information is pretty much “ right in your face “ –
that is my style and it has worked well in my many career

All seems fine, but with the usual minor “ bugs “ to work out as time goes by.

All Word and Excel doc and pictures come up, you can email me, see my blog on it and post on it, has Facebook connection, etc. – I briefly tested a lot, but not all.

Some older WWW citations are outdated, so if click on them do not come up – but can do own search for more current information yourself..

“ Biggest Issue so far “ – PowerPoint presentations in Adobe PDF format and not usual format for PowerPoint presentations – but will get too it eventually – first slide comes up, but rest come up too large on the computer screen.

So he will also post them in PowerPoint format.

There will be hundreds of them – stay tuned – almost something for all even cookers !

But can send on a thumb drive if want, since so big and so many pictures cannot be emailed at least on AOL that I use.
Of special interest would be of course a lot about STS & related issues – “ patterns / best practices “ to deal with them for “ your everyday lives and LMT “ [our local township if they are reading this ] of course.

It may not seem obvious at first, but you should soon see it. If not, we can communicate even by email to help clarify issues.
There are a lot of other “ diverse topics “ of course to better appeal to a “ wide variety of diverse audiences “ but also with much “ practical and useful general information “ of course.

Free downloads - Wine / small wine industry, cooking, radio, music, phonographs, WWI airplanes / navy/ autos, literature, poetry, CD’s / DVD’s/ VHS’s, swap / recycling sites, conversion of LP’s to CD’s, references, etc.

Naturally extensive lists of hundreds of the “ new “ PowerPoint and “ old “ color slide presentations I can give.

I am “ free “ [ nice four {4} letter word even beginning with the letter “ F” ] – but am setting up a “ 501c3 “ for those who would like to donate for a tax deduction to help support my decades of STS – NSF research.
If you are at all interested in wine and winemaking, there is extensive both practical and technical information you will find” nowhere else “ from my extensive activities with especially Eastern small wineries since the 1970’s – see my resume, etc. posted on it locally if locals reading this .

My life and career “ well beyond my wildest dreams “ with the help and thanks to so many who made it all possible.
In addition under the folder “ special “ there is a “ free “ extensive download of a draft of my Kaypro and early vintage computers book, that I gave a presentation on at the 2008 Trenton Computer Festival and it is on their festival DVD + a 2008 Kaypro calendar with a lot of pictures of Kaypros – can be easily converted to 2014 calendar of course !.

It illustrates many of the “ patterns ‘ in STS and how best to handle them.

Two [2] publishers are considering it for publication, but will publish it my self using my computer and B/W & color printers + inexpensive Staples binding materials.

So stay tuned ! The ride is going to continue to be pretty wild !

I will be referring to it a lot in future posts so the posts can be a lot shorter !

But as the American Wine Society [AWS} quote goes – “ I do not want to just creep into heaven, but to slide in with a glass of nice Chardonnay to drink saying “ what a ride ! “ “
Frank Gadek LMT Resident since 1974 = 39 years !