View Full Version : ST Disks and pcDITTO

November 6th, 2013, 11:47 PM
I'm having issues setting up pcDITTO 3.01 so I can boot DOS right off my hard drive.

I have a Megafile 30 that's partitioned into two drives (won't let me make partitions larger than 15mb) and followed the instructions to make the C: drive bootable (which is to use Atari's utility to format the drive and keep the partition between 4.5 and 23mb) and am booting from an IBM copy of PC-DOS 3.3

Supposedly you run a Format C: /s and you're ready to go. I however am getting a divide overflow.
The only thing that might be sketchy is that the instructions assumed you had a SCSI drive when I'm using one of Atari's DMA port exclusive drives. Is this me doing it wrong or an incompatibility? I can't install anything else on the drive until the format and sys is done, otherwise it hoses all my TOS applications.