View Full Version : [SOLVED] - Issue with PCI USB 2.0 card in Asus P5A-B Mobo

November 22nd, 2013, 08:35 PM
So after doing a lot of searching, and buy 4 PCI USB 2.0 cards, I finally found the solution to the issues I was seeing.

There were 2 issues observed:

1) After installing the PCI card, the PC would boot, but the monitor would remain in power save/sleep mode, and would not turn on.
2) After installing the PCI card, the PC would boot, but the PCI card would not register with the bios, and windows XP would crash

I search long and hard to find the solution on the good 'ole inter-web. Alas, all I found were posted from eons ago up till 2012 asking if anyone had a solution. None of the posts actually provided a solution. I have titled this post to indicated that the issue has been solved, so that anyone who does a similar search in the future will find the solution.

So how did I find a solution? Well, after trying to search the web and coming up empty, I did a search for "PCI Compatible USB Card Asus P5A-b". Looking through all the results I stumbled upon this link


In this link, it listed an NEC PCI ID (103300e0) for a compatible USB 2.0 card.

I then did a seach for "NEC PCI ID"

That led me to this link


From that link I found the the data for ID 0x00e0

This revealed the following info

Chip Number: uPD720100A uPD720102GC
Chip Description: USB 2.0 Host Controller

I then did a search for NEC

I then did a search on ebay for "NEC USB 720100"

This led to the discovery of the SYBA USB 2.0 Card, with the model number SD-V2-5U

Searching for this card, I found some conflicting info regarding the chip set number. As mentioned, I had bought multiple USB cards with different chips. One of them was an NEC with a 720101 chipset. That particular one was the one that did not register, and crashed windows XP.

I then went to Syba.com to get the specs of the card


This confirmed that the SD-V2-5U model did indeed have the chipset I needed.

The cheapest eBay price for this was about $16. I checked newegg, but they did not have it.

I found this one on pcoutlet.com for under $13 shipped.


Got it today. I was very concerned. The chipset said 720010. However, when I installed it, the bios registered all ports. I booted up XP, and XP found the card. I tested my USB mouse in all ports, and all of them worked.

So that is the story. I hope this thread saves someone the hassle I had.

Agent Orange
November 23rd, 2013, 07:38 AM
I have a similar card from SYBA - Multi USB 2.0 PCI. The P/N is SD-VIA-5U. It supports 98, ME, 2000 & XP. The main difference is that my card uses the VIA chip set. $11.99 at the Micro Center. Glad to see that you resolved your problem.