View Full Version : DIP Switch Settings for Quantum Hardcard EZ

November 24th, 2013, 01:17 PM

I have been thinning my herd of computer parts today quite a bit, and in the piles of parts I found 2 long since forgotten Quantum Hardcard EZ, both are 127MB and both have 8 jumpers on top. I still have my old GEM 286, and I'm looking to add these as 2 more drives to the system, but I'm unsure how as I am unable to find the dipswitch settings for them anyway and I want them to behave as a 2nd and 3rd HDD for the machine. Also, will these require drivers if I put them in as secondary devices? I just want to make sure I'm fully prepped so I don't spend as much time on this than needd be.

November 24th, 2013, 02:00 PM
This drive only is selectable as drive 0 or drive 1 so I doubt you can add one as a third drive.

The default switch settings are:

on-on-on-on off-on-off-off

and they control the IRQ, BIOS address, and I/O address and they set them to:

IRQ 11
170-177, 376-377


I don't have the driver for this exact card but I do for another, similar card. Anyway, I haven't used the driver I have and the card works in any system I've tried it in. I just plug it in and it works.