View Full Version : Writing Disk Images with Vintage PC

Great Hierophant
November 26th, 2013, 01:03 PM
The Atari 810 and 1050 drives use "single-sided" 5.25" disks FM encoding and the 40 tracks, 18 or 26 sectors and 128 bytes a sector. On a PC, Anadisk, written by Chuck(G) back in the late 80s and early 90s, allows you input all those parameters, in theory you could format an appropriate disk. If the PC has a true 360KB floppy drive and a true NEC 765 or Intel 8272 chip in its floppy controller, then Anadisk should be able to format a disk the Atari drives can read and write. The IBM PC Diskette Drive Controller has the right chip, as do the IBM PCjr. and all the Tandy 1000s up to and including the TL and SL do or should use those chips.

A standard Atari disk dump is in the .atr format, which is a straight disk dump of 40 tracks, 18 sectors and 128 bytes a sector. There is a 16 byte header that can easily be stripped. I see no reason why a program could not be written that could write a standard disk image or files to a disk on a vintage PC in conjunction with the above hardware. Unfortunately, I can't find any that exists. Existing software seems to write only 180K disks (useless with most game images or the more advanced Atari drives) or requires an SIO2PC cable.