View Full Version : Wow ! All the new “ stuff “ on the internet on Kaypros !

November 28th, 2013, 10:05 AM
Wow ! All the new “ stuff “ on the internet on Kaypros !

Just got done doing a search for more info for my new website – “ astounding ! “

Many of you already probably know if did a recent search, but in case you do not, just do it !

Lots of pictures that can help with ” ID what model “ you “ really “ have, including some schematics, manuals, software, mainboards, insides taken out, ads, etc.

I got up to the 40’s in the next pages section and had to stop !

Even some copies of Micro Cornucopia & Profiles – don’t know how legal that is of course at least in USA – see some past posts on it on this site.

Picked up some of Tezza’s stuff and this website of course, besides many other sources like eBay naturally.

Curious –

1] A Kaypro stick pin tie clasp – eBay $40 !

2] Picture of Kaypro keyboard with all the Wordstar commands pasted on it – “ those were the days ! “ – in the computing center at the college I taught at they had them posted in large letters all over the main computer room with all the terminals in it from the VAX so all could see them !

================================================== =============

Happy Thanksgiving by the way for those in countries that also celebrate it but on different days – e.g., Canada !

Beautiful clear sunny, but cold day + light dusting of snow in SE PA USA & Macy’s parade super as always.

All the best in all you all do for vintage computing of course !