View Full Version : My light sixer is sick (2600 VCS)

August 14th, 2006, 12:50 AM
After two months of having it I finally got it to do something. I got an adapter/ps from a box somewhere of stuff I have and got the tip from radio shack (surprised as heck that they had it) and plugged everything in, and it worked. Mostly. The power switch likes to stick and go off randomly, and the reset switch is totally inop. The original controllers are barely responsive, so I use the flashback's and they work fine. I would eventually like to donate this unit to the case modders and get another light sixer from somewhere. I know they're not rare and can be had cheap. Soon, but not yet.

I'm gonna get a new shielded cable and run it from the new light sixer and that should improve the picture. So while I think of ideas for that thing, I'll now turn my sights to the 7800 that I got from a very gracious and generous donor that has a broken power connector and see if I can't replace the two-pin one with a more common barrel connector. I have a suitable power supply for it, I think it's 800-1000mA so it's pretty hefty. I found a few hacks that'll help the graphics out, too. So today has been productive. See other thread. Jeez, is it that late already???