View Full Version : Your 8530-021 HDD replacement experience please !

December 26th, 2013, 11:40 AM
Still on my quest to get Windows 2.03 up and running on my 8530-021 8086 system !

I've read all I can find on here and out there but still need more help :-)

The HDD WDI-325Q is a brick due to surface defects - tried every tool I could find.

1) Anyone know where I can get a working WDI-325Q IBM PN:72X7568 FRU 6128285 in Europe ?

2) Anyone know if any other 44-pin HDD will work in the 8530-021 ?

3) I have found a WDL-320 FRU 6128235 anyone know if its 44pin and compatible with the 8530-021?

4 I found an Magic AT Plus I/O IDE card and tried it with a Maxtor drive but no progress (Its a 16bit ISA card and the 8530-021 is 8bit) - anyone tried ?

5) has anyone got a version of XT-CF working in a 8530-021 ?

I welcome your hard won 8530-021 experience !

December 26th, 2013, 12:35 PM
I've heard the term "ESDI" being bandied about in reference to the 8530 8086 model. Quite honestly, I can't see how the drive could possibly be ESDI with only 44 pins. I suspect either XTA or MFM--but certainly not ESDI.