View Full Version : Wanted Panasonic Omniflex EPL-8018rat manual or driver?

January 4th, 2014, 09:08 AM
I have owned a panasonic omniflex fast thermal light printer for 20 years and have never had the manual for the thing.

We used it for years with our "Color Computer Portraits" business with a futura 100. Something that always irritated me was that I never got the manual or any real information about the printer (CASI liked to sell outdated stuff so they didn't provide manuals and pulled date codes off eq :( )

If any event I know its 203dpi (like all Panasonic EPL Wax thermal printers) but I believe when we purchased it, it was already 2 years old (maybe more) I tore the thing apart and its powered by an 8085 processor on what looks like a nubus card :) It appears to have many open slots for daughter cards, from what I remember these could be configured to be video printers or interface to Medical/Dental X-ray imaging systems. No date codes on any chips anywhere or on any of the daughter boards.

Print speed was glossy full color 8x10 in 55seconds, not bad and why we liked it. Something I noticed early on was that it only printed 7.5x9.125" images (which we had mat and frames for) I knew it could technically print larger than that but it would use more paper off the roll due to the huge lower margin. I often dreamt of getting the print language information out of the manual and fixing the driver to have a bigger mode.

Ah well, anyone have any propaganda or information on panasonics early wax thermal printers? I am not really looking to spend cash on it, just looking for maybe some vintage ads or perhaps the manual (god forbid) as a little nastalgia.

I have never noticed panasonic ever advertising any of their high end printers, seems like they would have somewhere.

Anyone remember these? They were the backbone of the Computer Portrait industry in a bygone era (1987-1999)