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January 6th, 2014, 02:32 PM
Googling around but haven't probably read all the sites I've clicked on fully; but I'm finding that wonderful catch of not having the PC-100C cradle key isn't going quite as quickly as I thought it might. Anyone here happen to have a key for lock #032? Did anyone here already go through a less than destructive removal technique? I honestly thought there would be a very small amount of locks for these units or some common key. I'm not in a huge rush and can probably pick it with some boredom or I'm aware of the screw driver and forcing the entire lock to turn but didn't really want to break the thing.

As far as the calculator goes, I see both library cartridges and magnetic strips for sale. Are these separate from each other or does the magnetic strip invoke the application/program from the cartridge? Most of the sites I've found are fairly basic and just mention the technology but not what's needed.

- John

January 7th, 2014, 04:58 PM
If you have'nt, peruse the many links here: http://www.datamath.org/Sci/WEDGE/TI-59.htm

Another excellent resource: http://www.rskey.org/CMS/index.php/the-library/12


January 13th, 2014, 02:19 PM
So, I'm just going to repost some helpful replies I received from a few members on cctalk for general knowledge since this certainly threw me off. In short though the modules came with not magnetic labels but just key overlays which is what I'm seeing a bunch of on ebay (sometimes missing the module or vice versa).

hi, the strips that come with the Master Library are not magnetic strips. They are simply plastic strips with labels to show what keystrokes do what for the particular application.

magnetic strips can be written to/read from as needed without any sort of module.

Often the strips that came with the ROM modules were not magnetic cards
at all, just labels

A program loaded from magnetic card use the top row of keys (A-E) to
run it, and thus the magnetic card had spaces on it to write on the
descriptions of each function. After running the card through the reader,
you put it in a slot near the top of the machine so that the labels lined
up with the keys.

Pre-recorded cards had the labels printed on, of course.

Programs in the modules sued the top row of keys in much the same way, so
they came with strips of labels. You didn't put those through the card
reader, of course. But after selecting a program from the module you put
the appropriate strip in the slot to label the keys.

Thus, the strips are pretty much useless without the module. It's
possible to use the module without the physical strips if you can find out
what the keys were used for.
I haven't seen or used A TI59 since the early 80's, but as far as I can remember those were just plain labels not mag. strips.The module was inserted in a little slot on the back of the calculator (ie. the Master library module 1) and then based on the appropriate program that you wanted to run, you pulled out the label from the 'label' pouch, inserted it below the display and it would tell you what the different keys on the top row did for different programs. Labels without modules are useless. Modules without labels can be figured out and appropriate labels made...

Interestingly enough, TI carried over this concept to the TI99/4 series of computers. Cartridges often came with a label strip that you would place above the keyboard, and based on the FUNC key + appropriate top row key you would get a specific function. Like UNDO or REPEAT, or END.

March 11th, 2015, 01:45 AM
Hi John
I have the same problem (my lock number is #134) and like to ask if you already found a solution?