View Full Version : IBM 3196 Terminal Issue

January 7th, 2014, 12:44 PM
Well, it's been a while. I think it's been a year since I last started up the AS/400 and all is fine with the server and the 3476 terminal but I can't get my IBM 3196 terminal to work properly.

Here's the problem:

Loud, somewhat high-pitched whine coming from the display unit. Seems to be a transformer which needs replacing as there is nothing else wrong operationally - display comes up quickly and is bright and clear (pretty well makes it unusable, though).
Can't type anything when connected to AS/400 - if I press any random letter either a random character will come up or it will give a "0002" error in the lower left corner and not allow me to do anything further - not even the reset key works - I have to reset the terminal.

I have tried going into the test mode and the keyboard does work properly locally. I tried moving the twinax cable to the other port on the pigtail cable and changing the display address from 0 to 1 (both in setup and physically) but nothing seems to be helping. Of course, I checked that everything was connected securely.

I know everything is fine with the cable and the server because when I hook the cable up to my 3476 it works like a dream.

Not sure if it's worth fixing but I may as well give it a shot, hope someone can help me out with at least getting the keyboard to work! I got the 3196 and the server together so I'm pretty sure it was all working at some point.

Thanks a lot!