View Full Version : IBM 5150 Manual diskettes?

January 10th, 2014, 03:35 PM
Can someone tell me where I find out about the floppies that came with the boxed IBM PC manuals? I'd like to make sure I have all original floppies with them for archival purposes.

I have:

Guide to Operations - First edition (Revised 1982) - Diagnostics 1.02
- includes SixPackPlus User's Manual - SuperPak Version 4.0
- includes SuperPak User's Manual

IBM DOS 1.1 - Second Edition (May 1982) - DOS version 1.10 (no other floppies)

IBM DOS 2.1 - First Edition (September 1983) - DOS 2.1 and DOS 2.1 Supplemental Programs

IBM BASIC - No date part no 6025013 - no disks or plastic sleeves to fit disks

IBM EasyWriter 1.1 - Second Edition (May 1982) - Easy Writer 1.10

IBM DisplayWrite 2 Reference - (February 1984) - plastic sleeve to fit disks - no floppies
IBM DisplayWrite 2 Procedures Guide (Febrary 1984) - no disks or plastic sleeves to fit disks

Thanks in advance.

January 10th, 2014, 11:32 PM
Isn't it the other way round, which manuals came with the disks? Any way apart from the missing DisplayWrite disks what you have sounds about right, except the SixPack wasn't an IBM product so those manuals would have come separately. The Diagnostics Disks may have come in different versions, depending on the date of the manual. There was also an Advanced Diagnostics disk and I am pretty sure when I got my XT at work that was included....