View Full Version : search rom for Tektronix DM2510 Digital Multimeter

January 23rd, 2014, 12:04 AM
Hi, I found one of such multimeter but the eprom 27c256 is gone (reads all 00s)
does anyone have a rom image (the eprom label is: U212 DMM) (or a functional instrument to read from)?
It's a nice design made with a intel 8031 with external program memory.
The multimeter logic board have the space for the installation of a 488 interface,
but without components, probably for the '488 model will be useful a different rom. (its the model 2150G
of this one will be wonder have a copy of both eprom and a photo of the "488" section (or schema))
The interface between the multimeter logic and the 488 interface is made by two
optocoupler so a simple two way two wire link (may be connected to a micro..)
It not will bad have a service manual(schematic), but curiously its easy found a really old servman
(the '5xx tubes scopes) but not this one...

Can someone help me?
bye & TIA