View Full Version : Multi I/O Expansion card choice?

January 25th, 2014, 11:52 AM
I just finished restoring a very rare computer from my Tandy line. She actually isn't even a Tandy. She was built by Tandon for Tandy. She was made to compete with what was soon to be the clone wars of the 80's. A true IBM compatible, in all aspects. Tandy only marketed this computer for 1 year before bringing out there own line of 1000's. There is not many still around. Now I have been able to make her do things I was not expecting her to do. Being a Tandy and all. For example she runs a Sound Blaster card, try to do that on a 1000. Originally she came with one full height Tandon 360K floppy drive, a 1/2 height 10MB Tandon Hard drive, 256K ram, 8088 4.77Mhz CPU and choice of either Monochrome or 16 color RGB monitor using a switchable video 8 bit color graphics card.

I like to keep my Tandy's as stock as possible for the years they were introduced. But for my 1200 I made some exceptions. I have just about every Tandy Thousand made. So what did I do to the 1200 you ask? Well for starters, I did not have the choice on the video card. When the computer arrived it would not post video, I could hear it start up, I could see it seek floppy & hard drive. But no video. Opening her up I found a Paradise EGA card in it with a blown cap. I replaced that with a Paradise VGA card, added a VGA monitor set the computer to EGA (only choice on the mother boards dip switch) and POW! Video post!! I was expecting her to not boot to the Tandon 10M HD. If you know anything about this hard drive, you would know why I was expecting that. I was not let down. 1701 error. So I tried a few Hard Drives keeping the same controller I could use a Seagate 30M MFM HD. I did and I was not happy with the speed, since I was now running a V20 & VGA. I wanted something faster. I then settled on a Western Digital 27X with a Seagate 30M RLL hard disk. Doubled the speed of the 1200!

Now here's where my question comes to play. Stock the 1200 came with a Everex EV-100, I can find no specs on this Mutil I/O expansion card anywhere. I have it working somewhat, she gives the 1200, 640K , printer port, comm port, game port & a clock. I was able to get the clock working by using a old Everex Magic I/O driver. To my surprise the clock battery still holds a charge! But I can not get rid of the second printer port since the 1200 already has one on board. And my Sound Blaster card would just sing if it could have the IRQ that second LPT port is using. Now what do I do, I mean I really have choices here! Can someone who reads this point me to the settings of this card or do I go with some other choices. I have 3 different AST and one Tecmar Multi I/O's.

1). AST Six Pak Plus
2). AST Mega Plus II
3). ASTSix Pak Premium
4). Tecmar (Unkown) no model markings on her

What should I do???