View Full Version : Be careful to run Bannercatch (PC Booter)

February 8th, 2014, 09:20 AM
I've got this with original package. (Bannercatch (PC Booter))
Original disk is write-protected as follows.


This game disk uses single side only.
But you must run this game carefully.

Because this game initializes all bytes as 00h on Track 0-0-0 (512 Bytes)
Of course if the disk has write protected, it runs well and no problem to initialize disk.

But if your drive is disable with write protection or copied disks without write protect knob, Track 0-0 must be initialized.

To run this game with backup diskette, diskette must be write Protected. (Do Not run drive with disbable write protect status.)

I don't know why Track 0-0-0 is initialized.
(Maybe forbid to run because of copy protection.)

Oops, "Agent USA" is also same.