View Full Version : Atari PC-1 mouse driver

March 3rd, 2014, 01:58 AM
Hello to all.

I own one of these rare systems, managed to get a hard drive working on it and installed Windows 3.0 .

The thing is I want to use its mouse with windows, as the serial port is used for communications. These systems had a special port for the mouse, and used the same mouse as the Atari ST systems.
I have the DOS mouse driver and it works great, but I do not know to get it working on Windows, as none of the win drivers seems to work with this special mouse.

Anybody knows of an Atari mouse windows driver?

April 17th, 2014, 11:34 AM
Bump because I'm interested in this as well.

I'm working on adding a XT-CF to my PC-1 now and once that's complete I would like to try installing Windows.