View Full Version : What drive is compatible with a Deskpro286?

August 25th, 2006, 07:31 PM
I send a lot of old obsolete parts to Japan. There I have a customer there who keeps a lot of old machines used for industial purposes going.

It seems that a large part of his business is replacing hard drives in Deskpro286's

He really likes Connor CP-3021i, and CP-3021.

The problem is that they are getting harder and harder to find.

I have some going over there, right now, and I posted a thread on the wanted board. But I know that he is going to have to start using a different drive.

I had a Deskpro that I used for many years. I sold it to him. That's how we met. I placed an ad on this forum. That machine had a western digital drive as I recall. But I don't know the model or part number.

Does anyone know what of the older drives of that era will work, either a straight across swap, or with minimal replacment of other parts. While I'm at it, if anyone has any Deskpro286's they want to sell please let me know.

My email is cliff(underscore)harmon@hotmail.com

Thanks in advance

Cliff Harmon