View Full Version : HP Vidjet, anyone ever get this thing to work on an Original HP Color Laserjet?

March 5th, 2014, 03:09 PM

I own an HP vidjet that we use with our Futura 100 and the HP 2500c inkjet we have laying around. (using the old 1200c driver it has)

Many of my B&W laser printers will emulate most any inkjet, sadly my HP Color laserjet 5m (really no different than the old original) seems incapable of emulating any printer.

I remember there being language cards for some of the old HP Laserjets, I am curious if any such thing would exist that I could upgrade my color laserjet to emulate the HP Inkjet language, My B&W Laserjet 5p can but the color 5m cannot.

If this is impossible does anyone know what HP color lasers can emulate the 1200c inkjet printer language, I already know which B&W models can (it actually says so in the manual) but I have not found a color variety that could.

Other option is that the vidjet came with some (usually proprietary) upgrades but without knowing the who/where/how I can't start to locate them,

Also on a side note I would love a BNC RGB+Sync vidjet instead of the RCA style one I have.

If anyone remembers this antique stuff please chime in