View Full Version : Can anyone identify this card?

Shadow Lord
March 9th, 2014, 12:45 AM
I had my eye on this for a while but could not figure out what it is. The seller stated it was a "video card" but why the batteries and the led light on it then? I was guessing maybe a solid state disk (i.e. a bunch of SRAM with battery backup?)


More info on this eBay listing (http://www.ebay.com/itm/VINTAGE-IBM-XT-8088-DESKTOP-ISA-VIDEO-GRAPHICS-CARD-990-57990-0101-58025-/181343934250?_trksid=p2047675.l2557&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&nma=true&si=dpzBmgEbSJt51xiplzQOVgwE0DI%253D&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc). TIA!

March 9th, 2014, 05:15 AM
Have you tried to have a look at the ROM contents? It seems to be an BIOS Extension starting at D800:0000, and may very well contain clues for what the card does.

March 9th, 2014, 06:01 AM
I'd bet money that it's a battery-backed RAM disk. No idea what the connector would be for, though.

March 9th, 2014, 06:49 AM
The connector might be for external power. That would make sense if the batteries were rechargeable, and only meant for intermittent use such as moving the PC.

I'm surprised the batteries haven't leaked all over the place.

Shadow Lord
March 9th, 2014, 08:50 AM
That was my thinking too except I couldn't figure out what the connector was for. Unfortunately I did not buy it so no way to verify... :(

March 9th, 2014, 04:49 PM
Well, the seller says that it is a tested and working video card, so it must output video on the 9-pin connector. The other connector does look like a power connector. The red LED looks like the kind you see on Zenith backplane boards, so I'm going to say it's a RAM / video board from a Zenith or Hyundai system. The seller says it's from an IBM system, but I don't think so.

March 9th, 2014, 05:31 PM
Uh, okay, whatever he says--but if it's a video card, where's the video controller.

I'm with CJ--it's a battery-backed RAM--possibly a RAM disk.

March 9th, 2014, 07:11 PM
I have a card like that, mine is a floppy disk emulator - will pretend to be 360,720,1.2 or 1.44Mb. Drop in replacement for old 8088 industrial machines where the floppy drive / disk had died.
I didn't get a ROM or connector on mine though - so maybe it's different.

Shadow Lord
March 9th, 2014, 08:18 PM
Man, I knew I should have taken a chance and just buy it.... Oh well... I have a few SRAM backed battery disks and find them super cool on older vintage gear...