View Full Version : Right memory to buy for XT?

March 11th, 2014, 09:00 AM
My IBM 5160 has 512K on the motherboard in the first two memory banks.
It had an AST SixPakPlus board that took it up to 640k. I've pulled that out for now, and am interested in populating the motherboard the rest of the way up to 640k.

But, I can't figure out the right memory to use based on my searches so far. Generically I think I'm looking for two banks of 64k; thus 8k chips (or is that 64k 1 bit chips?); 18 to fill out both banks of memory + parity.

Are my calculations correct, and do you all have any recommendations? I've got a second clone box that has KM4164B-15 in those banks, but I'm not sure if that's clone memory that I should avoid for the real 5160?

(And it's exciting to be working on these projects again! My XT-IDE is working great after I pulled a bunch of other expansion boards out, and I can actually play Hard Hat Mack again "the right way"!)