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March 20th, 2014, 12:37 PM
A brand new freeshard for Ultima Online has opened up and it is amazing. T2A era, full-loot, open-world PVP, revamped loot tables, exciting new expansions like the Township/Kingship system, and Order/Chaos/Balance battles.

The name of the shard is An Corp. The dev team that produced IPY 1 and IPY 2 are the creators.

Give it a read through, see if this might be the place to get your Ultima fix! Whether away for a long time, or looking to return from a recent break... this shard has everything you want.


March 26th, 2014, 07:39 AM
Ultimately the whole draw of Ultima Online in the late nineties was playing in a persistent world with thousands of other folks. I've tried a lot of free shards and all of them fall well short of what I'm looking for simply due to the very low (and usually very rich) server populations all of them suffer from. Bored and rich, the core population of the shards are usually full of player-killers who make life hell for new players for lack of anything else to do. At least, that's been my experience on the past six shards I have tried.

I currently have a character on The Second Age free shard, but there is really nothing to do there due to all the valuable spawn points and dungeons being permanently camped by older players. I just refresh my single small house every now and then for some reason.

I would love to travel back to 1997 to be able to play Ultima Online for the first time again, because that was an experience that will never be had on any of the new MMO's.

March 26th, 2014, 10:16 AM
Perhaps I've been under a rock for too many years but what's the term SHARD mean? The last few online games I've tried (and others who I've seen) I agree with raifield, it's made for campers/kids who can spend all their free time getting items then killing off folks in PvP. Some systems though are better and restrict killing a character x levels lower than yourself (actually a few bbs games had that setting too) which makes life nicer although I'm not a big PvP fan so I'd rather just be in a world with folks running around but everyones against the monsters.

I never did get to play UO though.. I stay away from pay to play games. I think maybe the exception was the original Neverwinter Nights which like your first UO experience was an unrepeatable memory. Too awesome to have thousands of people playing a "gold box" SSI game at a time and being able to travel/follow folks to fight together and make friends. Fun times. There have been clones and such but yeah lack of players and uneven player levels tend to make it not the same.

Neverwinter Nights did get some sort of online ("free") reboot not too long ago but I never checked it out. Looked cool at the time if you have a good graphics card but I imagine like a lot of free games they probably sell weapons if you really want to get anywhere.

I've also lost track of it but Garriott is also working on a new Ultima game (http://www.gamespot.com/articles/funding-for-ultima-creator-richard-garriott-s-ultimate-rpg-reaches-3-5-million/1100-6418523/)as well.

Shadow Lord
April 2nd, 2014, 07:35 AM
What is this new fangled Ultima Online business? Is it a door for PC Board? I jest I jest...

May 18th, 2014, 05:25 AM

Shard is an in-game word for "server" or to a different extent level. You enter a moongate and are given a list of places to go to.

Originally you were transported to a random landmass and had no choice to which continent you were sent to . With Renaissance release you could travel between Felucca or Trammel with a special moonstone which you planted in the ground like a seed.

A few people were sent free upgrade discs in the mail which introduced the Third Dawn expansion. Only people capable of running the 2D TD client which had granny polygons could access the new realm of "ILLSH" via the revised moongate function. With Lord Blackthorne's Revjenge (LBR) the 2d client was overhauled subtly and people with the "classic client" could open up the shard list and go to wherever they wanted to.